Rebuy Making Of

Hey my Name is Julien and I am a new member of the Sirensrock Team

Last week we traveled to Berlin to create the new advertisement campaign for the online seller Rebuy. This was my first time participating at an commercial shooting and I was surprised at the extent of work involved for a relatively short video clip. In total over 30 people were involved in this event. This ranged from the nine actors, to the camera and sound men, makeup artists, executives as well as photographers. Although the final video will only be around 20 seconds short we filmed in a total of three locations over the course of three days. The commercial shows various scenes such as a food blogger, a photographer, various football fans and many more. In one of the scenes a posh blond girl in a bathtub sells her smartphone to Rebuy, which is received by two nuns which show their enthusiasm for their new device after receiving it. The advertisement clip is intended to show the versatilely of Rebuy; that it is intended to be used by all sorts of people as well as the many benefits that come when purchasing one of their products. Overall I can say I really enjoyed being part of this event and am looking forward to new and creative events with the Sirensrock Team.


We are making waves.